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Retrofit Roof Systems from Norsteel Building Systems

If you need metal roofing repair for your building, Norsteel Building Systems has the answer. We supply and install steel roofing that is built to last. In fact, our standing seam metal roof retrofits will outlast anything else.

With a new roof, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Realize substantial energy savings using the latest in cool roof technologies
  • Correct poor roof slopes and drainage issues
  • Gain years of performance for an existing facility

The Source for Retrofit Roofing in BC

You may be shocked to learn how much it can cost to replace a leaky, aging roof, especially those of the commercial and industrial variety. Retrofit roofing is a great option and an even better way to reduce costs. A retrofit roof can be seamlessly overlaid atop your existing roof, without the need to remove existing tiles, substrates, or other structures. By choosing retrofit roofing, BC companies can greatly reduce costs associated with old roof removals, landfill disposal, preparation/removal of tar and gravel, as well as workflow disruptions that can cut into your bottom line. With Norsteel Building Systems, there’s a better way to reroof your warehouse, office space, storage barn, or facility!

Our team provides full design and engineering services not only for the roof panels but also for light gauge framing supports to obtain an improved drainage system. Our retrofit roof systems are sustainable, energy efficient and durable. By having an energy-efficient roofing system installed, you may also be eligible for rebates and other incentives. You will also have the benefit of working with the Norsteel Building Systems team, routinely ranked one of the best by our customers and industry-leading suppliers.

When you consider retrofit roofing in Kelowna, or other parts of British Columbia, we hope you also think of the cost and energy savings available by choosing a quality team such as Norsteel Building Systems. If you are tired of making expensive repairs and you’re ready to do something about your leaky, inefficient roof, call Norsteel Building Systems to discuss retrofit roofing and metal roofing in British Columbia.


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