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Roofing | Re-Roofing

| Retrofit metal roofing installation and repairs

We supply and install steel roofing that is built to last.  In fact, our standing seam metal roof retrofits will outlast anything else.  Your new retrofit metal roof provides many benefits including:

  • Realizes substantial energy savings using the latest in cool roof technologies

  • Corrects poor roof slopes and drainage issues

  • Adds years of performance for an existing facility

  • Refreshes the appearance of an ageing facility

Roofing | Re-roofing

Roof replacements for ageing, leaking commercial or industrial roofs can be costly.

Our alternative-retrofit roofing-is a great option and an even better way to reduce costs. We can lay a retrofit roof seamlessly over your existing roof, without removing existing tiles, substrates, or other structures. You can save significant costs associated with old roof removals, landfill disposal, and preparation/removal of tar and gravel, as well as workflow disruptions that can cut into your bottom line by choosing our retrofit re-roofing instead of roof replacement. We can provide this service in Kelowna and throughout British Columbia. If you are tired of making expensive roof repairs, or you are ready to do something to your leaky, inefficient roof, give us a call at 1-800-932-9131 to tell us about your metal roofing needs. 

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