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Pre-engineered Steel Buildings & Foundations: For British Columbia & Alberta Industries.

Modern, Efficient & Scalable Structures Customized to Your Business

We work with our customers at every level to help them find the right steel building solution for their business, commercial or industrial application. Our pre-engineered steel meet or exceed current building codes, green codes and any special requirements your industry has in place. We can be involved from start to finish (“Turnkey” service) or we can get the steel and components to you, and all the details you or your contractor needs to erect it yourself (“Dropship” service) or anything in between. See the details below for more information on the different types of services we provide. 

More questions? Check our FAQ page and our blog.

Ready to build? Jump straight to our contact page here and our owner Brandon will get back to you.

He’s happy to provide a basic ballpark budget too to get you started with your planning. 


We can provide individual parts, repairs, and scopes for small jobs, too, so don’t feel limited by the following list–you can always give us a call at 1-800-932-9131


Norsteel Building Systems provides a wide range of services to many industries and including:

  • Automotive
  • Churches / Religious Buildings
  • Distribution
  • Government/community centres
  • Manufacturing
  • Offices

Pre-Engineered Steel Building Supply, Erection & Turnkey Service in BC & Alberta.

Norsteel Building Systems Ltd. supplies and erects pre-engineered metal buildings in Kelowna and throughout British Columbia and Alberta. Most of our projects utilize our own erecting crews in order to guarantee that your buildings are erected in strict compliance with the manufacturer's specifications and meet all conformance requirements. Norsteel Building Systems provides a wide range of services, including:

As a trusted industry expert, we work with our manufacturers and their complete design and engineering experts for fast, client specific building designs and pricing including options and alternatives that you may not have considered in your initial vision to add long term value and efficiency to your building.

Drop Ship Building to your jobsite – supply only

Some customers and contractors want to be able to erect the building themselves and want us to supply the building metal and components. We do this using your design, or designing it for you, and delivering it or “drop shipping” it to your site, complete with detailed drawings and erecting instructions. From there, you, the customer, or your contractor, erects the building. We have many happy drop ship customers and contractors who continue to use Norsteel and we are happy to provide this valuable service anywhere in BC that we can access!


Supply and Erect | Building Superstructure by our certified crew

We love to build steel buildings! It’s what we have done since the beginning, so it is not a surprise that we erect many of our buildings. Customers and contractors trust us to know this industry. Supply and erect services mean that after the building is designed, approved by you, the customer, and ordered, we deliver it and unload it to your prepared site. Then, we have an expert crew come to site and erect the steel. Usually, this includes also installing various doors, trim, insulation, liner panels, canopies, ice rakes, and some other details, depending on the project.


If you are interested in some of these other features, you can click on them individually above or see more about them here. Each project is unique. Once it reaches a certain stage, we hand the project back to the customer, or to your general contractor to continue and complete the interior or other detailing.


Full Turnkey (General Contracting) Construction Services

Some Norsteel customers ask us to oversee the whole project from start to finish. This means that in addition to the areas above for Supply & Erect, we are involved with all aspects of the construction. This can mean everything from applying for permits, trades hiring and organizing, overall site safety and organization, overall site scheduling, interior finishing, inspections, site security, and finally, handing over the incredible finished and ready-for-business building and grounds. This level of involvement and management means that we may have a site superintendent on-site full time in addition to the project manager. The customer/owner does not want to be involved in the little details but wants them managed by our senior managers and staff. Turnkey projects or general contracting projects are a much larger scope and duration. Please contact us for more information on this level of the project.

Our years of experience in the industry has built solid relationships with the trades and professionals needed across the key industries in BC. These relationships help us to find the right fit for each of our customer’s buildings and needs. We build these relationships over years of experience and trust.

Retrofit Metal Roofing Installation and Repairs

We supply and install steel roofing that is built to last. In fact, our standing seam metal roof retrofits will outlast anything else. Your new retrofit metal roof provides many benefits including:


Realizes substantial energy savings using the latest in cool roof technologies

Corrects poor roof slopes and drainage issues

Adds years of performance for an existing facility

Refreshes the appearance of an ageing facility

Roof replacements for ageing, leaking commercial or industrial roofs can be costly.

Our alternative-retrofit roofing-is a great option and an even better way to reduce costs. We can lay a retrofit roof seamlessly over your existing roof, without removing existing tiles, substrates, or other structures. You can save significant costs associated with old roof removals, landfill disposal, and preparation/removal of tar and gravel, as well as workflow disruptions that can cut into your bottom line by choosing our retrofit re-roofing instead of roof replacement. We can provide this service in Kelowna and throughout British Columbia. If you are tired of making expensive roof repairs, or you are ready to do something to your leaky, inefficient roof, give us a call at 1-800-932-9131 to tell us about your metal roofing needs. 


Foundation Engineering and Construction

Our steel buildings need to sit on a proper foundation no matter where they are in BC. We have built foundations for our buildings for as long as we have built steel buildings–since 1992. Some of our customers arrange for their own contractor to build their foundation, and we are happy to work with them. We are also happy to work with you to design and build the foundation you need for your steel building using our foundation crew. We know what our buildings need for a foundation and we have built foundations for every industry in British Columbia that we build steel buildings for.

Metal Building Repairs

Over the years, everything needs maintenance, repair, and upkeep. Even though metal buildings do not need a lot of maintenance, it is often overlooked until an issue comes up. We provide every new customer with our own Norsteel Building System metal building basic building maintenance manual to help you know the basics. If you bought someone else’s building or you acquired an old building or damage happened along the way, don’t worry–our crews have the experience and skills to troubleshoot just about any problem. We can also order in components and parts if you are looking to do the repairs yourself. Give us a call at 1-800-932-9131 and we will see how we can help you.


Every Norsteel Building System Building and Customer 

Our owner Brandon Miller works with you on a free quote, estimates, and getting all your initial details worked out.

You will have a dedicated project manager assigned to your project from start to finish–even on a drop ship! Have questions? Changes? Your project manager knows your building just as well as you do!

Your building has a management team that meets behind the scenes and reviews your building progress throughout. You aren’t just a number; just like our crews are real people, we don’t have a call center in another province, and we don’t have any website sales or cookie-cutter building kits sitting on a shelf.

We work with you and with our manufacturers to get you the best building design at the best price at that time. Just good, honest business practices and good relationships with our customers and our suppliers.

Each building is custom designed for one location and one customer's particular needs.

We back what we sell and we back what we build. Customer service and our workmanship are what keep bringing our customers back year after year.

Let Us Help

Get started on a pre-engineered steel building customized to your business.

Family Own and Operated

We are a family-run business with a reputation for exceptional workmanship and service.


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