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Special Features Available for Steel Buildings

Special Features

Part of designing your building includes considering what special features may work best for your business. Some examples of special features or services that we offer are included here. Many of our customers are interested in insulated wall panels, skylights, canopies, snow guards, climate controlled rooms, overhead doors and more. If you don’t see what you are interested in, ask about them when you request your free quote.


Canopies from 2’ to 30’ can be added to your building for both aesthetic as well as functional purposes. They can protect window and doorways from the elements, create a welcoming appearance, and cover entrance and exit areas for customers and employees. They can extend your usable work area by creating additional work space outdoors, protecting valuable equipment and employees. Canopies can also incorporate lighting details and signage to further enhance both the look and function of your building.

Roofing & Re-Roofing

In addition to designing and building full structures, we also repair and replace roofing on non-residential buildings with highly durable, energy efficient metal roofing. If your roof is aging or leaking, maybe it’s time for a new metal roof. For more information on our roofing services, click here.

Insulated Wall Panels

Consider using insulated wall panel systems in the design of your new steel building. Insulated panel systems are state-of-the-art including energy efficiency with R values of R6 to R41, create a better building seal to avoid heat loss, and are durable, low maintenance, non-combustible, and have many design and colour options. These systems are state-of-the-art and an option to consider. Click here to request your free quote.

Have A Project

Discuss your steel building requirements with us.

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