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Steel Buildings for Boat Storage/Marine Applications

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings for Marine Applications

As an expert in pre-engineered steel structures, Norsteel Building Systems has completed a vast array of projects including steel buildings for marine applications. Learn more about our work in this field and contact us if you would like to request a quote.

Custom-Built Dry Marine Storage
West Kelowna, BC
Size: 40,709 sq. ft.


This 40,709 sq. ft. marvel showcases the quality and workmanship of Norsteel Building Systems in the steel building industry. With our own in-house design team and our foundation and erecting crews, Norsteel Building Systems was able to provide our customer with all the work required to see this project to the end. The building has an interchangeable boat racking system, large bottom rolling sliding doors, architectural canopies, large round windows, storefront glass towers and accent bands combined with some masonry work. This building highlights the many different applications for modern pre-engineered metal building techniques.

Wizard Lake Marine
Kelowna, BC
Size: 13,200 sq. ft.


This boat sales and maintenance facility was a full turnkey construction project for Norsteel Building Systems. The shop is 32 ft. x 100 ft. x 32 ft. and is equipped with a 10-ton bridge crane. The showroom and offices are fully finished and measure 100 ft. x 100 ft. x 20 ft. This structure utilizes stucco embossed insulated wall panels.

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