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Steel Winery Buildings

Wineries for BC Clients

Take a look at our wineries and see what kind of solutions we can provide for your needs.

Black Swift Winery | Addition

West Kelowna, BC

Size: 5,950 sq. ft.

Norsteel loves repeat customers.  This customer wanted an addition to the existing building we did 2 years prior and Norsteel made it happen.

Abandoned Rail Brewing Co.

Penticton BC

Size: 3,000 sq. ft.

A 3,000 sq. ft. tasting room nestled in the heart of Penticton, on the Naramata Bench. This building set in a beautiful location was built to withstand all weather conditions – from harsh winters to the extreme heat we get in the Okanagan.

Rainmaker Wines

Oliver, BC

Size: 8,280 sq. ft.

This 8,280 sq. ft. tasting room is truly a one-of-a-kind Norsteel building, with its 24ga Stainless Steel, brush-finished cladding. Like all of our buildings, this one too is designed to not only catch your eye but withstand the harshest of weather conditions. This one is truly a masterpiece and was a fun build for our team.

Black Swift Winery
West Kelowna, BC

Size: 5,750 sq. ft.  

A winery production building built right along a wine trail needs to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. This unique, custom-designed facility for Black Swift Winery along the Westside Wine Trail incorporates an extensive 3700 sq. ft., wrap-around covered outdoor crush pad and work area. There are also multiple interior workrooms, utility rooms, a mezzanine office area, and versatile interior production and storage areas. The unique Corten cladding exterior is eye-catching and welcomes visitors while providing protection and low maintenance for years to come.  

Clos Du Soleil
Keremeos, BC
Size: 3,850 sq. ft.

This beautiful winery facility incorporates a 370 sq. ft. tasting room, a total main floor footprint of 3850 sq. ft. and a 565 sq. ft. mezzanine. Using pre-engineered steel allows the owners to maintain optimum temperatures indoors regardless of extremes outdoors. This steel building facility is built with 11 different heat zones throughout to accommodate the needs of the wine processing stages, the offices, and the wine tasting room.

Frind Estate Winery
West Kelowna, BC
Size: 8,960 sq. ft.

The Frind Estate Winery production facility is built right on the shores of Lake Okanagan and in the midst of residential and agricultural areas. The almost 9000 sq. ft. facility blends easily into its surroundings on the outside while boasting state-of-the-art technology, production, and testing facilities in the interior. Inside there is an extensive mezzanine system allowing for access to all aspects of the production, storage and bottling systems, plus a separate mechanical control area, office and lab. The high R-value insulation in the roof and the insulated wall panels allow for high energy efficiency and climate control for both production and wine storage through all weather and seasons.

Daydreamer Winery
Naramata, BC
Size: 1,600 sq. ft.

This owner-operated winery’s new production facility is located just steps from the owners’ home, and is part of the customers’ view and experience when visiting the winery on the upper bench in Naramata. The 1600 sq. ft. production building pairs function, versatility, and energy efficiency all without hindering the beautiful Okanagan valley views. Special consideration is given to the foundation to ensure proper drainage, including strainers to catch organics during the wine-making process. Overhead door panels secure and protect the facility when closed, while opening up to the crush pad and outdoor work areas when open. During winter months, the well-insulated building protects the award-winning wines and allows for a comfortable work area.

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