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Advantages of Pre-Engineered Steel Structures Over Tilt-Up Concrete

Steel Structures Over Tilt-Up Concrete

During the planning phase of any construction project, the most important decision that needs to be made is about the type of structural system which will be used. When it comes to fast construction, tilt-up concrete and steel buildings are two of the most popular options.

Many business and property owners prefer pre-engineered steel buildings in Kelowna and throughout BC from Norsteel Building Systems for their construction projects, and for many good reasons. Pre-engineered steel buildings in Kelowna and BC are erected using standardized metal components. The components are designed in such a way that the structural properties of the steel are maximized, allowing the overall building design to achieve maximum efficiency and strength while minimizing the amount of steel which needs to be used. Minimizing the amount of materials used and the amount of waste created during the design and building erection process means that pre-fabricated steel buildings come with a low initial cost. Labour costs are also lower with steel buildings, simply because not as much labour is needed in order to properly install them. Additionally, steel buildings have lower lifetime costs because they require very little maintenance. Steel is strong, durable, and non-combustible, and repairs and additions to pre-engineered steel structures are fairly easy and inexpensive to complete. On top of being less expensive, the design and construction of pre-engineered steel buildings is also quicker and more efficient. Working with standardized, pre-fabricated metal components is a simple job that not only requires less labour, but less highly specialized labour, further cutting down on costs. Furthermore, most of the labour involved in the construction of a pre-engineered steel building, such as the cutting and the welding, is done entirely off-site, in a factory environment. This helps to cut down on weather delays which would otherwise entirely halt construction work if it was all being done on-site. Steel is the perfect building material for highly customized buildings because of the high level of flexibility it affords, both in design and in construction. If you have many unique needs and specifications, then it is likely that pre-engineered steel buildings in Kelowna and BC will be better suited for you than tilt-up concrete construction. The more spans and bays that are going to be involved, the more savings you'll likely see from using pre-engineered steel as well. If you've got a new construction project in the works, then it's up to you to choose the most energy-efficient and cost-effective option for your business needs. At Norsteel Building Systems, we believe that pre-engineered steel buildings provide the perfect solution in a wide variety of situations. We have completed over 500 projects involving the erection of pre-engineered steel buildings in Kelowna and throughout BC, to the great satisfaction of our clients. Rely on us and we'll ensure that your steel building is constructed quickly and customized to your needs. If that sounds good to you, then you can request a free quote from Norsteel Building Systems today.


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