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Why Choose Us?

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New customers to Norsteel Building Systems Ltd. are often interested to make sure they get good value for their money. Sometimes comparing quotes and specs is not as similar as you might think. What appears to be less money in a quote may end up being considerably more money both in the short and long term because of hidden costs, add-on costs, lower quality, inexperience and so much more.

We have successfully completed over 600 builds in BC and beyond. We have a long history of keeping our customers happy, which is demonstrated by our high rate of repeat customers. Repeat customers and word of mouth referrals are our best advertising. We back what we build and sell, and so do our 3 industry leading suppliers of pre-engineered steel buildings. Before you make a final decision, ask us about all the ways that we add value to your building experience and ownership both now and for years to come including:

  • Personal contact with our company owners

  • An ongoing Project Manager dedicated to the success of your project

  • Quality steel building suppliers – we use 3 of North America’s largest manufacturers of pre-engineered steel buildings to get you the best price and value for your money

  • Our warranty – both standard for all buildings as well as extended for buildings that we do the building erecting for: we service what we sell and have over 30 years of experience to prove it

  • On-site team meetings to ensure that when we are building for you, we are coordinating with the other contractors on site to maximize efficiency and minimize costs or delays

  • Experienced foundation crews, iron workers, and project managers: we pride ourselves in being a family business and keeping our skilled crews for the long haul

  • Our manufacturers’ warranties: depending on your choice of building, in addition to our own warranty, these industry leaders back their products for years to come

  • Industry contacts: we have been working in this industry and the related goods and services since 1992 – solutions are often just a phone call away with our experience and reputation in the industry

  • Want to talk to our other customers? We encourage you to call them – please see the reference list of customers you can contact attached to this quote

  • Questions? We are happy to answer them – now & throughout your build process with us

Our success is built on keeping our customers happy and we look forward to the opportunity to add you to our list of satisfied customers.


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